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Airbnb and teachers

Sometime employment relationships end in a dispute. The good disputes are settled. The bad ones go to Court, where everyone… Read more »

Robert Foitzik

Employment stuff…

..From around the world,  in this update from DLA Philipp Fox.  I always find these snapshots from around the world… Read more »

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Good cause around the world

An interesting piece in this newsletter about what constitutes ‘good cause’ for dismissal in various jurisdictions. http://ecbel.whitecase.com/files/News/c259add2-c618-41ad-91c0-4adab3c2c36c/Presentation/NewsAttachment/ad70285e-8017-4175-8a6a-6f767902c937/global-employment-and-benefits-update.pdf It seems that… Read more »

Robert Foitzik