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Trademarks in Germany and employment law in Angola

Unrelated topics, only mention it here as a matter of interest.  This is a very useful overview on trademark registration and protection in Germany:

And this is an interesting snapshot of the legal emplyment law landscape in Angola.!results/166/view

Interesting because not many people would even believe that Angola has a legal system in place, let alone detailed and complex rules around foreign migrant workers. Angola suffered one of the longest running civil wars of the African continent, which only just ended in 2002. From a country in ruins it has made a remarkable recovery, which might be because (or you might say despite of) the fact that it has large oil resources and is now one of the main African oil producers. Wherever there is oil, you find the big multinationals and the global admin agency, such as UNO and Worldbank. All their employees have to live somewhere and that is difficult in a country where even the most basic infrastructure is basically non-existent. Which in turn had lead to Luanda, the capital, being voted the most expensive city in the world to live in.  And that is not because its so pretty, its because basic commodities are in high demand and only affordable by foreigners. The oil pays for it all, but the question, as always, is whether Angola’s own people will ultimately benefit from it. Knowing Africa and the way it has been, I doubt that very much.