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Robert Foitzik, LL.M. , Attorney at law (Germany) / Barrister & Solicitor (New Zealand)

Robert has more than 16 years legal experience (10 years NZ PQE), practising law in Germany, Australia and New Zealand, working as in-house counsel in the private and public sector, in private practice and as a community lawyer.

Whether you have to deal with an employment problem, or need advice on commercial contractual matters,  Robert provides down to earth, practical and to-the-point advice. The interest of the clients come first and that means open and honest communication at all stages – including referrals if a matter is better dealt with by a colleague or if legal action has no merits and should not be undertaken.

Robert currently works as a Senior Solicitor in the Commercial and Property Team at Auckland Council, and is responsible for commercial contracts, property, insurance, procurement and health and safety  compliance.  Prior to that, he worked for the Ministry of Social Development in Wellington as Senior Solicitor and Lead Counsel in Employment Law. He can best be contacted in either English or German under FoitzikR@gmail.com .


This is a private blog. No post or comment on this blog constitutes legal advice and should be relied on as such.  The author does not accept any responsibility for any actions taken on legal opinions or comments published on this blog or linked sites.  Visitors to this blog who are in need of legal advice shall contact a lawyer or a Community Law Centre.


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