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Airbnb and teachers

Sometime employment relationships end in a dispute. The good disputes are settled. The bad ones go to Court, where everyone loses. Time, money, reputation. And that’s even without the judgment.

And then there are the disputes which never end. Where at some point in time one party has lost perspective and continues although everyone can see they are heading straight for the wall. That they cant win and that they should let go and move on.

This case, NSW v Shaw, is such a case. 15 years of litigation over the end of a probationary employment relationship. In part, the case is also about Australia’s implied terms of trust and confidence in employment contracts or rather its absence. But more than anything its once more about litigants who couldn’t let go.


And here is an interesting article about the legal aspects of using Airbnb, the popular home sharing platform. Apart from the obvious due diligence before letting your place to strangers, the very act of doing could be consentable activity. And of things go wrong and your insurance wasn’t informed that you are making money renting out your bedroom, you could end up with a big bill.