Employment Law

Appeals at Aldi UK

The German discounter Aldi has branches all across Europe and is rapidly expanding its business in Australia. Despite its massive operations and number of employees, reported cases on employment disputes have been rare. The very few which made headlines also dissapeared very quickly.

Here is a recent one from the UK, which shows that even a big and masterly efficient organisation as Aldi can make mistakes. In the case, it was a simple procedural error by not providing for a an independent review of the manager’s grievance decision. Instead of having policy in place that a complaint is heard by the next management level, it was heard by the same manager again. That is like if an appeal against a District Court decision is heard by the same District Court judge again. Impossible and silly and unjustifiable.

But no doubt Aldi will immediately respond and change its policies. If there is one thing they are good at, its adopting to the markets.