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Australia has better cases

When you live in New Zealand, Australia is the promised land. Or so it seems. But when it comes to practising law, it certainly has more variety, more interesting cases. Take this one for example:

While on a business trip, a female public servant got injured when she had sex at a motel (a glass fitting came off  because, according to the male witness, “they were going hard”). Her claim for workers compensation was rejected as “sex was not an ordinary incident of an overnight stay like showering, sleeping or eating”. Not surprisingly, the argument put to the court is that, no, to the contrary “sex was an ordinary incident of life commonly undertaken in a motel room at night, just like sleeping or showering.”


Also not surprisingly, the judge indicated that the latter is probably quite true and said that these “are not the 1920s anymore”.

In New Zealand, btw, it wouldnt matter where and when the sex occurred – if it was an accident, the parties were covered under the ACC legislation.