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Desperate measures

The Rugby World Cup is finally here and the whole country hopes that it will be a success, economically and for New Zealand’s image in general. Although that image is overwhelmingly positive throughout the world, still more people leave the country every month than new immigrants arrive. Shrewdly, Immigration NZ has therefore decided to target visitors who come over just for the World Cup.  If a visitor’s occupation is on the skills shortage list, he will receive marketing material encouraging him to migrate:

It is timely then that Chapman Trip has also published a short article, summarising quite neatly all of New Zealand main characteristics.  If the country were a product, it could as well be written on the back of the box:

Some interesting facts include that New Zealand is ranked first equal with Denmark and Singapore for freedom from corruption in the 2010 Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer. That dairy and meat are still significant contributors to overall GDP,  but tourism now rivals agriculture and new developing industries include education, boat building, IT, horticulture, wine and film.

When it comes to culture,  there is a high value placed on fairness, ingenuity, practicality, modesty, restraint and informality.

Very true. Lets hope that the World Cup shows that once more to the world.

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