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Dotcom – a summary

The Kim Dotcom saga still makes headlines in New Zealand and overseas. This is not surprising. The story has something for everyone.  The glamorous life of the super-rich. A beautiful wife. A police raid on of the biggest mansions in NZ, US like as if Peter Jackson had done an episode of Lethal Weapon. A legal battle showing appalling procedural mistakes of the Police and a court declaring the search warrants invalid.  The rich defendant becoming the underdog and the whole conspiracy element of it all (did the Government co-operate with the US to facilitate the raid and extradition process? After all, the MOVIE INDUSTRY are the claimants and we all know that they already purchased the Employment Relations (Film Production Work) Amendment Bill to exclude film industry professionals from its coverage). 

But apart from the undeniable entertainment factor and Kim Dotcom’s innocent teddy-bear charm, the legal problems are something else. They are complex, technical and more or less novel issues with no or very limited case law for guidance. It is no wonder then that, apart from the fact that money is no object,  the NZ lawyers on both sides are from the most prestigious law firms in the country, Simpson Grierson and Kensington Swan respectively.

Here is a very good summary of the case, which sets out the details and legal issues very nicely.