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..From around the world,  in this update from DLA Philipp Fox.  I always find these snapshots from around the world kind of fascinating. Especially when its about court decisions or new legislation from countries where one would not even expect to find a judiciary. Or any form of  a rule of law. Nigeria anyone? Or South Africa? It gets even more fascinating when, for instance, a Court in China deals with exactly the same kind of problems we wrestle with in Germany or NZ. As when the Chinese Supreme Court clarifies what constitutes a work related injury (see below).

Fact is (or seems to be) that most countries,  regardless their provenance, maintain some sort of legal system.  With courts and a legislature.  Might be that the legislature is just one person who also controls the military and acts as the final appellate judge. But its all there. Which means you better have at least a bit of an idea what is going on in that country and how it could affect your business.  Which is also where the big firms come in, with all their offices around the globe and local knowledge and representation everywhere. You pay for it, of course, but you probably pay more f you dont.