Employment Law

Floating employment

The true mark of an international law firm is probably its ability to provide detailed, comprehensive advice for a range of jurisdictions. You will always find an expert law firm in any individual jurisdiction, able to give you very good specialist advice. But the one-stop-shop, the law firm which can tell you what is going on in a number of countries across the world and not just a helicopter view, instead on the ground detailed, those firms are quite rare.

White&Case is one of those and this piece here on floating employment is a good example for their expertise (of course, thats the whole idea why they put it out there for free). I often wonder who actually reads this and puts it into practice. Multinationals in need of this kind of advice are often clients anyway. Or if they arent have in-house legal, who in turn can procure that kind of advice easily. So maybe its just the legal equivalent of a billboard. But an interesting one regardless.