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Forbidden fruits

Stuff reports that a fruit picking company employed illegal workers, who carried up to $100,000 in cash in plastic bags around the country:


Of course, carrying cash in plastic bags is not  illegal. What is illegal is employing workers without a work permit and defrauding IRD of substantial amount of taxes.  Employing people who have no right to work in New Zealand is an offence under ss343 and 351 Immigration Act 2009. 

But here’s the interesiting bit: 

although it is (also) illegal for employees to work without a current work permit, there are no penalties to do so. Yes, that’s right – you can work without a work visa/permit and can even take your employer to court if he doesnt pay you.  The Labour Department will even help you claiming getting your wages by prosecuting the employer on your behalf.  Other countries, such as Germany or England,  take a different approach so to not  encourage working under the table.

Interesting, uh?

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