Habits of successful people

We have heard it all before – successful people get up early and finish late, are dedicated, motivated and pursue their goals with determination and unwavering focus, plus still find time for the family or to write a book or to party every weekend.  There as many books about the way to success and how to achieve the life of your dreams out there than pebbles on the beach.

But fact is some (many) people are more successful and happier and if you/ we are not like them, what do we do wrong? Is there a secret?

I think at the end of the day it boils down to just three principles:

1. Know what you want – if you dont have a dream, you cant get there.

2. Dont ask if – ask how.  Once you approach every problem as something solvable (“how do I make more money, how do I become an engineer etc’) your brain focus on the solution, not the problem. And  thats the first step.

3. Never ever give up. Simple, yes, but not easy.

Here are 11 more principles, though as I said – they are more or less variations to the above: