Employment Law

Swiss labour law

The Swiss, as we know, are the better Germans. Even more punctual, more efficient, but also able to adapt much more quickly to new developments. Germany cant move quickly, everything takes ages, regardless of whether its legislation or new technologies. Mind you, when its implemented it is the best in the world. But by then others have already had a head start. The Swiss decide to build a tunnel through the biggest mountains in Europe and finish on time and under budget. The Germans decide to build a new airport for the capital which, as we speak, has had its completion date pushed out more than 5 years and a budget overrun of hundred million Euros (or so).

Anyway, when it comes to Employment, the Swiss are also already ahead of the game. They are looking at having different rules for high qualified professionals, for which the standard model of 9-5 and Monday to Friday just doesnt fit. They are also introducing new rules for home office workers, a model which is getting increasingly popular around the world as more and more employees live further and further away from their workplaces and/or spending considerable time and money every day to get to work. Whoever has come to work on a weekend to get some urgent things done knows how efficient this is. No distractions, no emails, no phone calls, no time wasting meetings. For some, home office could be just that, a perfect place to keep porductivity up, reduce stress and hence better work-life balance. Its not a cure for all and it wont work full time. You have to be at the office sometime. But within reason, it is a very useful tool.