Workaholic anonymous

You dont have to be a workaholic to be stressed. In fact, you dont even have to work that hard to be stressed, if you know what I mean. Stress, it seems, is everywhere. At work, at school, at the gym, outside and inside. Some stress is good, some stress is bad. Too much of the latter can ruin your life. Too much of the former can too. Fact is its here to stay and countless books and seminars and PTs exist to bring you back into your work-life balance.

So whats the bottom line?

I guess its what you do with it. Your environment is indifferent. Lets face it  – outside your family, no one cares about you. If you think thats too cynical, then rephrase that to ‘no one at work cares about you’. It doesnt really matter. All what matters is how you react to your environment. Its your choice to be upset about this urgent piece of work. The traffic jam. Grandpa in the queue in front of you counting the pennies. The late train. Etc. Yes, thats all easier said than done. But I seriously think that all there is to it.

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